I like to help people, its who I am and what my mum made me in to. Its great to help....but why???

For me its to see that look on someones face, the gratitude and appreciation. It's the emotion in their eyes when words fail them.  Every time I see it, hear the words, something so profound happens inside me. This huge swell in the pit of my stomach tells me I have done something good, something right, something that has made another happy.

And I am telling you that feeling is addictive, almost addictive as chocolate and I do not say that lightly, but every time I help someone, I want to help more. I encourage the younger members of my family to do kind things, because the world needs it! It is lacking  and dying.

Currently my partner and I are entering in to the challenging world of fostering and I know the journey will be rough, I know its going to be hard but the purity of it is that I can help many people at once. One door closed when I found it would be difficult for me to have children naturally, but many doors opened that I would never have seen. Do I believe everyone has a plan in this world? I am not sure. Do I believe things happen for a reason? maybe, but if this is what I am meant to do with my life then I will follow the path and see where it leads.

Have you ever felt this way? What experiences have given you a feeling of elation, that has rewarded you?


05/29/2012 2:08pm

Greetings, Victoria:

I know quite well what you are talking about, and it gladdens me to see someone else experiencing such emotion. Indeed, I feel a similar elation when I volunteer my time or visit a hospital. There's something about brightening another's day that makes the feeling spread, and before long, you want to do more to heal the world - to make it bright again. I have found this to be true in many ways, and I commend you on your venture to foster a child. The best of wishes are sent your way~

Rachel Hunter

05/29/2012 2:38pm

Thank you for commenting Rachel!

I just love the feeling of helping, and I think sometimes if more people felt that way, things in this world would start improving. It is a fine line between being nice and being a walkover, but I am hoping I am on the right side of it. It makes you feel stronger to help those you are feeling down lift their chin!


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