So for the last several weeks I have been experiencing a set of nightmares, overly vivid and disturbing, which wake me up at the early hours of the night. The nightmares consist of a tactical team searching an old abandoned building in a Post-apocalyptic time, with deadly zombies and me holding a large plastic spoon. Yep, crazy undead things running around, my team are heavily armed with grenades, guns and daggers and I am stood holding a plastic spoon. I don’t mind this however…

In the nightmare my team are protecting a Lab Researcher who must collect blood samples etc (yes my dreams are really this vivid and involved and I often write them down as quick as possible…great writing material) We enter a very blood stained, dark, underground basement of sorts and while the Researcher is taking her samples I am ordered to fight off the crazy Undead dogs that keep trying to attack us. By this time the Researcher and I are somehow alone and cut off from the military team.

Going back to why I dont mind being armed with a big plastic spoon. This weapon, in my nightmare, is crazy-awesome! No matter how many undead dogs I kill this thing never breaks. I stab them in the head, in the heart, even creating a nice little pile and still the spoon refuses to break. I have by now convinced myself all I need in any apocalyptic situation is this freaking spoon!

I always wake when the Researcher asks me to take her further down the steps in to the dark basement. I can not seem to handle the curtain of darkness that begins halfway down the steps and a terrible fear comes over me. The steps are bloodstained and rusty, and I know there is something waiting for me…and at this point I am not sure how my plastic spoon is going to hold up.

All I know is that I am terrified, and this is how I wake up….to darkness.

I have heard dreams and nightmares tell us alot about ourselves and how we are feeling deep down where we do not really want to go.  My dreams are a huge part of my writing, and story telling. In fact many of my dreams as a child have gone in to the Twin Soul Novel series. I had a dark mind even as a child! I believe it is a large part of why I wanted to become a writer. I needed a place to put these dreams or I think I would have gone crazy.

So, tell me about your dreams, and how they have influenced you. Have they changed your life? are they the reason you became an artist? do you believe they hold some special message for you?



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